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Nori JPz hit the shelves

posted on 6 June 2012 | posted in News

Marukyu Nori JPz hit the shelves

Made from our latest top secret formula, Nori JPz will get you bites when other baits fail. It's more than a colour change it's a total bait change!
Nori JPz utilize a unique vegetable-protein base to create an entirely new hook bait and provides the perfect alternative to Marukyu's hugely successful Ebi (crustacean) formula
Versatile Hookbaits
JPz are one of the most versatile hookbaits on the market today. They can be side hooked, hair rigged, spiked or banded and no matter how you fish them the results are outstanding. They are now available in 6mm and 10mm versions.
"Nori JPz use our exclusive seaweed and algae formula making them attractive to just about any fish that swims," says Marukyu's product development director, Roy Marlow.
"The natural nutrients and amino acids packed into these baits make them absolutely irresistible to fish. The science behind the baits is complex and the results are unbeatable."
"The research and development that goes into our baits is extraordinary and wholly scientific. Everyday more and more people are realising that Marukyu really is the world's most advanced bait company.
"Marukyu has extensively field tested Nori JPz for the past 12 months and results have been outstanding. Match records have fallen and specimen fish landed on the baits."

So what is a JPz?
It's a 'pellet" that looks and feels like jelly but with totally different characteristics.
No grain composition means JPz will not split when hooked making them easier to use.
Can be hair-rigged, side hooked, banded or spiked
Soft texture does not impede the hook when striking
Does not fall off on the cast because of the in-built durability
Controlled attractant release
Multi-ingredient formula means they are rich and complex
All-temperature features to ensure maximum effectiveness in warm and cold water conditions
Can be cut to suit hook sizes without affecting performance.

Best ways to hook Them
What do the stars say about our latest JPz?
Andy May
"JPz make expander pellet hook baits almost obsolete.
The texture of JPz makes them easier to use directly on the hook, they stay on the hook longer yet their softness still delivers great hooking performance
Andy Kinder
"The ultimate margin bait. Carp seem to pick out JPz hook baits faster than they do normal hook pellets and the new 10mm size is perfect for using with larger hooks when big match winning carp are the target."

Jamie Masson
"JPz will get you bites when other baits fail. In winter they are perfect for fishing on a hair rig with a pellet feeder or micro sized PVA bag and in summer they are brilliant for bagging up with big
Tim Hodges
"Use a few JPz in a mesh bait bag and you have an outstanding big fish bait that carp have never seen before. The controlled release of flavour attracts big carp directly to the hookbait and makes them stand

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