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Easy Spod Natural 2.5kg

£9.99 quantity:  
The ready-to-use spod mix!

The EAZI-SPOD concept is simple. To offer you a spod mix straight from the bucket without the hassle of having to prepare it yourself.

All the EAZI-SPOD mixes have been prepared from first class ingredients that have been selected, ground and prepared separately before being blended into the final mix.

Easy to use - each of the mixes only needs a quick soaking with boiling water from the kettle and away you go, ready to spod!

EAZI SPOD is available in 4 different varieties:

READY SALTED SPOD MIX has been enriched with different salt minerals such as cooking salt. Salt has only recently been recognized as an excellent fish attractor which will draw fish in from a surprisingly long distance. Once in the feed zone carp will stay on the grains and particles which make up the rest of this spod mix.

MILK EXPLOSION SPOD MIX is based on traditional spodding ingredients to which we’ve added cream and dairy based attractors to boost their appeal.

STICKY SWEET SPOD MIX has all the base ingredients and additives needed to bring a sweet taste and smell to your feed. Ideal on soft or muddy bottoms as the sweetness encourages the carp to actively bottom feed.

NATURAL SEED SPOD MIX is the simplest mix in the range. Based on ground hemp seeds with a mixture of other particle baits, this is the perfect base spod mix for adding boilies and pellets.


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