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carp fishing tackle

Our crap fishing tackles are of a premium quality which helps you have a better fishing experience.

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The fishing baits from Nailors Fishing are so realistic. It makes the process simpler and easier.

Fishing Tackle

We provide the best quality tackle that sharp, strong and long-lasting.

Nailors Fishing

Welcome to Nailors Fishing Tackle Ltd


We stock a fully comprehensive range of carp fishing tackle, fishing tackle and fishing baits for all specialist areas – carp fishing, coarse fishing , game fishing, specimen fishing and sea fishing .


Our aim is to prove a top quality service, offering good customer service and a comprehensive range of carp fishing tackle.

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From Nailors Fishing

ABeginner’s Fishing Tips

Fishing can be fun but requires the right skillsets, patience and time till you become a pro in catching fishes. Some of the essential tips of fishing are listed below which is good to know for beginners:

Gather Fishing Gear Checklist: Beginners should keep their gears minimal in buying a simple rod and reel combo, spoon lure, fishing line, hooks, fishing weights, bobbers, baits and a tackle box to store them. Besides these have a stock of a good sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves first aid kid, towel, sanitizer, wipes, insect repellants for hygiene and safety purpose.Once you get a hang of primary gears, later on you can choose to add more gears in your collection such as different types of lures or baits, wireless fish castable fish-finder, pliers, fingernail clippers, swivels, jigs, hook hone etc.


Build Your Basics: This activity cannot be learnt overnight so you need to begin with the basics first. This is possible by making the entire fishing process simple by learning few basic steps and requirements for fishing, for example how to spot good place to find fish, how to use a bait or how to tie a fishing knot  and gradually progress with advance techniques.

Find the Right Fishing Spot: Now that you have gained some knowledge about fishing. Next step would be to hunt for open fishing areas which is convenient for you to travel and has access to shoreline fishing  preferably places like ponds, lakes, rivers or even beaches  that are closest to your home and have greater tendency to catch fishes with no obstruction of rocks, trees, weeds or logs in your fishing time.

Go Legal with Fishing: After you have decided on a fishing spot, the next crucial step would be to obtain a  valid licence which would permit you for fishing. Such license would depend on your type of fishing requirement such as freshwater license, saltwater license, all water license, resident license, non-resident license or even one-day license.

Gain Knowledge on Fishes: It’s pointless to try fishing when you have no clue about what kind of species exist in your local waters. Every species needs to be tackled differently as per the local fishing laws that needs to be understood and followed with limitations to seasons, water bodies and species of fishes.

Live Baits: Live baits are recommended for beginners because fishes get easily lured by live mini creatures such as redworms, crickets, shrimps, night crawlers and other kinds of worms which needs to be carried along in small bucket. Try using varities of artificial baits after gaining good experience.

Get Trained from a Mentor: This could be a local fisherman or a professional trainer who would give you insights about the right techniques of fishing and where to find you big and small catches.

Practice till you ace Fishing: Keep your focus intact with continued efforts in fishing till you gain confidence with better skills that makes you go often for fishing.



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